Earlier published work (a selection):


The Smell of Ink and Soil - The Story of [Edition] Hansjörg Mayer (Buchhandlung Walther König, 2017)

Editor, Art That Makes Itself, Brown & Son: Purveyors of Digital Images Since 1968, designed by Daniel Brown, (Watermans Arts Centre,  Paul and Daniel Brown,  2015)

Editor, Visualise - Making Art in Context (Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University 2013)


Co-editor, The Experimental Generation - Towards an Interdisciplinary Praxis in Post-War British Culture, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews, 1-2, 2-3, 2017, with Dr. Elizabeth Fisher and various contributors


*A Language That No-One Speaks: Celan and the Concrete Poets, in Celan-Perspektiven 2019, eds. B. Auerochs, F. F. Günther, M. May

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*Sculpting the Void: Between Negation and Abnegation, Between Action and Absence, in Null Object: Gustav Metzger Thinks About Nothing, eds. Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson, (London: Black Dog, 2012)

Articles and Essays:

*'AJAR Ajar ajar', with Greg Thomas, Bricks from the Kiln #5, eds. Matthew Stuart & Andrew Walsh-Lister, January 2022

*Strange Loops in the Binary - Neither High Road Nor Low, Highlands Institute of Contemporary Art publication in collaboration with zona ) ( siva

[grey) (area] – space for contemporary and media art Korčula, Croatia, 2016; republished in zona ) ( siva, Discourses from a Periphery, ed. Darko Fritz, 2021.


*No Brakes on Control: A catalogue essay on Stephen Willats' Control magazine, published by Tate Liverpool, 2018: available here

* The movement of the poem in the 1960s: from circle and line to zero and one, from concretion to computation, an open access paper in ISR Journal 2017: available here

* Re Verse Engineering - Poems on the Turn' in Engineering the Future, eds., Irini Papadmitriou, Andrew Prescott and Jon Roger, V&A Digital Design Weekend, 2016

Interviews and Reviews:


Review of 'Now You Can See The Universe' works in flint by Drew Edwards at Laurent Delaye Gallery in Ramsgate for Studio International

Review of Stephen Willats, Social Resource Project for Tennis Clubs, The Bonington Gallery, Nottingham

Review of Sam Jury's This You Must Remember at Belgrade Cultural Centre, December 2022, for Studio International

Glass artist Anthony Scala on development of Ethereal the world's first Glass NFT with George Renshaw, for Studio International, June 2022

 Eduardo Kac, There is nothing on paper. All the works are experienced

dynamically... for Studio International, May 2022  

Review of Frédéric Acquaviva's exhibition, Henri Chopin, 'The Almost Complete Books, 'Zines and Multiples' at the Leicester Gallery in Studio International, December 2021

Pete Gomes' 99 Revolutions,The Minute Review 3,ed. Derek Beaulieu, December 2021

British Constructivism exhibition at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Art in Norwich in Studio International September 2021.

With Hansjörg Mayer and Frieder Nake, 'to handle and open and read the books, to me that is a very important thing', for Studio International, November 2019.


Three untitled poems in the first Belfield Literary Review (2021)

Poem  'delta' in UKunst 12, ed. Roney Fraser-Monro, August 2021

Poem PENUMBRA in Coven Magazine, 4, September 2021

Poem, 'subcodeanonymous: a digital organic nature poem' in Beir Bua Journal, November 2021